Was MGK At Ohio Bike Week?!

After a late chill hit the air, Drowning Pool took the stage. The bigger question, was Machine Gun Kelly in the crowd?
Jon Limber
Jun 8, 2013

This afternoon after I caught about 4 hours of sleep, I did what any twenty-seven year old does in the morning. I got ahold of my iPhone and caught up with the rest of the world on social media before I ever left my bed. As I closed Twitter and opened Vine, I realized one very important thing. One of my new favorite recording artists, Machine Gun Kelly (a.k.a. MGK) was in the audience for the Drowning Pool show and I had no clue he was a stone throw away from me.

For those of you who don't know, MGK is a punk rock influenced rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years, he has released multiple mixtapes along with creating a loyal cult following with his signature phrase, "Lace Up". After being signed by Sean "Diddy" Combs of Bad Boy Records, Machine Gun Kelly released his first major album, "Lace Up" in 2012 including hit singles "Wild Boy" and "Invincible".

Although I have no clue exactly when he arrived at Ohio Bike Week this year, I do know that he was in the audience for the Drowning Pool concert in downtown Sandusky last night after I saw him come across my Vine timeline. You can see from these posts linked below that he was pretty close and personal with the audience and of course, enjoying the Drowning Pool show. After the show, it seems as though MGK may have had some fun with the staff at our local Sonic restaurant on 250.

So I have to ask, was there anyone in downtown Sandusky last night that saw Machine Gun Kelly last night during the Ohio Bike Week festivities? If you did, comment below, we'd love to hear your story.

Here are the links to Machine Gun Kelly's posts on Vine. Viewer discretion is advised for content  may be considered offensive to some.

MGK Vine Post - "Let the bodies hit the floor"
MGK Vine Post - "Drowning pool"
MGK Vine Post - "Me and Pops doin soundcheck. Rock's dad is the truth"



Never heard of the guy! He looks like a poster child for the detention home! You actually care whether this little juvenile delinquent was at the Rally?


Agree with you "observer"..Looks like hes a bad influence for anyone, Let Bubba take care of him in jail for a week, see how he comes out (:


really? just because hes covered in tats and wears his hat crooked, he is automatically a bad person? i've never listened to his music, personally, but just because of the way he looks doesn't mean a damn thing. i know A LOT of people COVERED in tattoos, and they're some of the best people you would ever meet. and considering hes making music, i'm sure a lot of people would care if he was there. A LOT of people listen to his music and would LOVE to meet him. you can't say someone looks like a bad influence unless you know them personally. and FYI, thats what people look like now a days. they wear their hats sideways and are covered in tats. it's the NORM. take off your Mr. Rogers sweater and try a short sleeve. get a tat maybe! they're not as bad as you think!


Let me know when you get out of high school, skippy.


Actually, I am out of high school, skippy.


Then you need to mature a lot. Hats on sideways, and arms full of tattoos are NOT the norm! One of these days you'll grow up and realize you're not gonna be able get anymore than a "burger flipping" job when you've allowed your body to be marked up like a 6 year old's coloring book! Businesses won't even consider hiring someone like that. There's a name for that look, it's called........"I'm Stupid!"

Some day you'll realize that everything you thought was "cool and important" when you're young ISN'T at all, and the "real" world is a lot different place. The sooner you learn that the better off you'll be.


Well, then I must say I'm probably pretty mature. Considering I'm in the medical industry, and I'm NOT covered in tats because I understand that business owners don't like it. But you actually are wrong, considering tats are actually the norm. Sideways hats are douchy, I'll say that, but tats are NOT. Also, depending on what field you go to, I mean, as long as your tattoos can be covered, they don't care. And you CAN'T be fired for having tattoos. And FYI, I've been in the real world for a long time, and I'm doing pretty damn well, so no need to worry about me!