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Why We Ride

If a movie was going to be tailor-made for a showing at Ohio Bike Week, you’d be hard pressed to find a more apropos flick then new documentary “Why We Ride.” The 90-minute film, which was released last November, will be shown six times during the festival week at the Sandusky State Theatre.
John Benson
May 31, 2014
“Why We Ride” has enjoyed critical acclaim in both the motorcycle and film industries. Accolades include Best Documentary at the 2013 Motorcycle Film Festival, a 2014 Family Choice Award and the 2014 AMA Hazel Kolb Bright Image Award. “Why We Ride” has been admitted to several film festivals and continues to be screened in theaters across the country.
Funcoast.com talked to “Why We Ride” Producer James Walker about what he considers to be a landmark film.
What exactly is “Why We Ride” about?
"It’s about not what people ride, not when they ride, not how they ride but why they ride. The title really is the mission statement, very on the nose. It’s an introspective documentary into the amazing, diverse and passionate community that is motorcycles. It was made not so much for the motorcycle community, though they have responded to the film, but more for general audiences to watch and use the power of cinema help change perspectives about a community that may not have been who they thought they were."
It appears as though “Why We Ride” is reshaping public opinion about motorcycle riders. Who are the people interviewed?
"They’re doctors, they’re colleagues at work or neighbors, friends. We cover everything from MotoGP to Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week. There are historical and notable motorcyclists and everyday riders. We cover 70 interviewees, and everything from Harleys and sport bikes to antique restores and customizers."
“Why We Ride” isn’t a movie about bikers. It’s more than that but where did the concept come from?
"Great question. The community led us to make the film. This is not what we set out to do and quickly through the production of the documentary the response we were receiving from the motorcycle community was very apparent that there was a significant lack of my industry – Hollywood – to truly portray motorcyclists the right way. "
Finally, what do you hope people take away from “Why We Ride?”
"The power of cinema is universal. It can communicate to those who don’t ride. So unlike trying to sit down with your mother or girlfriend or your colleague at work and trying to explain why you ride to work, you can sit someone in a movie theater and they automatically lower their guard and are in tune to receive a message. What I hope that the people at Ohio Bike Week take away is that this is a great movie for them and also a great movie for them to share. The best thing that can happen is they can share this movie with those who either don’t ride or those who used to ride. I hope people at Ohio Bike Week see the film, enjoy the film but also share the film."
For times of the six showings of “Why We Ride” in the Sandusky State Theater, visit http://ohiobikeweek.com/schedule.php.