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Why do you attend Ohio Bike Week?

We asked Bike Week patrons why they choose to return every year.
Michelle Pletcher
May 31, 2014

Some come on their bikes, others with a mini-van packed full of family. With thousands of motorcycles to gawk at, live music and entertainment, and of course, fried cheese... Whether you're old, young, biker or not, Ohio Bike Week always draws in a crowd of various people from all walks of life. We asked returning Bike Week goers to tell us why they love returning year after year. 

Danielle Polling of Sandusky: I go to Bike Week because of the diversity you see. Not only do you have the bikers there, but you have a lot of other types of people as well. Plus it also helps local businesses. 

Kelsey Newell of Sandusky: I love seeing all the different bikes. But i also love seeing our town come to life with so much joy. So many activities and happy people, but my favorite part is the ribs!

Jay Yount, of Sandusky: Music... I love all the different bands. All sorts of different genres, and styles. Tons of assorted gear to check out, too. Oh... I think there's motorcycle things, too.

Jordan Jenkins of Sandusky: I go to bike week to get away from reality. Its a place where I feel like home. I always see old faces, and family I haven't seen in a while. Plus it's always fun to listen to get music, and listen to the sound of all those bikes. Its the kick off to Summer!

Robin Claudio of Sandusky: I'm pretty anti-social, actually, but I always take some part in this event. I just love seeing the community come together, mom & pop businesses flourish, people enjoying themselves by breaking away from the daily monotony to partake in some spirits, feel the music and relish in the fine foods! For a couple bucks, you have a night out on Downtown Sandtown with your family and/or friends, you can't beat that with a bat  Things like this make people 'like me' want to come out and play.

Peggy Rich of Sandusky: I love the festival food most, (I have to give a shout-out to Mike's Cheese Shack), seeing all the paint schemes on the motorcycles, and listening to the bands (Dan Fester Music and Rodney Parker & Liberty Beach in particular); and people watching. That can get quite interesting! Ohio Bike Week is the highlight of my summer. 

Jon Cook from Bellevue: Not only does it bring our town together as a whole, but people from coast to coast come to OUR town to see what we have to offer. We meet new people every year. Not only does this help our local businesses. But in my opinion, and every safe biker will agree, the more bikes on the road will raise the awareness of motorcycles, even when numbers are slim. And the beer.

Nikki Sartor of Sandusky: I love bike week! Ekoostik hookah comes on Wednesday to really set downtown off for it! Then lots of people come to our area! Love it!

Jessica Ostheimer of Sandusky: All things fried. It's also nice to see people coming and going into our local businesses, that seem to empty all the time. Mostly though, all things fried.

Josh Kaman of Sandusky: Live music, biker babes, beer, and bikes. What's better than that?