A little clarification on some of the 2013 RCA categories

We thought some of the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards categories deserved a little explaining, so we explained them.
Morgan Addington-Hodge
Jan 16, 2013

This year we’ve narrowed the Readers’ Choice Award categories down to 40. Some categories have been altered, some were 86ed all together, some were combined into new categories and we even ended up adding a few.

When we look over the list we realize the titles of some categories may not quite be crystal clear in terms of knowing whom to nominate. To help try to clear up any confusion, we looked through the list, picked the ones we thought could use a little explanation and did said explaining below.

For all categories: If you are placing a nomination for a business that has multiple locations, like Mr. Ed's or  Berardi's, please be sure to specify which location you are nominating, such as Mr. Ed's, Port Clinton or Berardi's, Sandusky.

Category 15: Friendliest Service, Dining
We’ve all had those meals where our service is just exceptional. While we think you should still leave an extra big tip on those occasions, we also want to know where that happened so we can enjoy that great service, too. Nominations in this category should be for restaurants where you have received exceptional service in the past.

Category 16: Friendliest Service, Non-Dining
This category is a lot like category 15, except we’re no longer talking about restaurants. This time we are talking about anywhere, other than a restaurant, you have walked away and thought, ‘wow those employees were really nice,’ or ‘wow, they really knew what they were talking about,’ etc. Nominations in this category should be for any non-dining business where you have received exceptional service in the past.

Category 17: Favorite Community Institution
This is the category we thought would be the most confusing, and it’s also one of the new categories we are most excited about. An institution is defined, by www.merriam-webster.com, as “a significant practice, relationship, or organization in a society or culture” as well as “an established organization or corporation (as a bank or university) especially of a public character.” So basically, think of places that our community just wouldn’t be the same without. This could include anything from banks to hospitals to non-profits to libraries, or anything you can think of. Just make sure your nomination choice is something of a cornerstone of the community.

Category 21: Best Gym/Fitness Center
This one isn’t really all that confusing, but we wanted to make sure to remind you not to forget about your favorite yoga studios, dojos and so on.

Category 32: Best Patio
There are a lot of great restaurants in the area with beautiful patios. This category is where you can tell everyone where your favorite place to dine or party on a patio is.

Category 33: Best Place for Live Music
This one just has a little reminder attached to it, as well. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite restaurants and bars to see live music along with your favorite theaters and amphitheaters.

If you are still confused about anything, or have any other questions at all, we are here to serve. Just shoot us an email with your question to editor@funcoast.com or use our lovely comments section below.