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Your nominees for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

We've tallied all the nominations and now here they are, your nominees for the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards. Study them well, voting begins on Monday.
Morgan Addington-Hodge
Feb 1, 2013

We tallied up all of you nominations, both online and paper, last night, and while it took a while, a long while, it was all worth it, because now we know the nominees for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Make sure to study them well, because voting begins first thing on Monday. When the online voting ballot is open we will post a link HERE, as well as a new story especially for it at the top of the site.

RCA voting will take place 12 a.m. Monday, February 4-11:59 p.m. Friday, February 22.

Voting will follow many of the same rule as nominations did.
• Paper voting ballots with the first 25 categories will be available at the same locations as the paper nomination ballots were, and you can still fill out as many of those as you can get your hands on. The list of locations is available HERE.
• You can only vote online once every 24 hours.
• The most important rule that will be the same is this: Every online ballot you submit is another chance to win a Kindle Fire HD. So make sure to vote every day.

So here they are, your 2013 Readers' Choice Award Nominees:

1. Best Perch
• New Sandusky Fish Company
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Lemmy's Restaurant

2. Best Hamburger
• Five Guys Burgers & Fries
• Old Dutch Tavern
• Cheers

3. Best Pizza
• Cameo
• Chet & Matt's
• Uptown Cafe

4. Best Wings
• Brass Pelican
• Buffalo Wild Wings
• Pier 684

5. Best Coffeehouse
• Mr. Smith's Coffee House
• Sheri's Coffee House
• Starbucks

6. Best Place for Ice Cream
• Toft's
• Cold Stone Creamery
• Joe Sundae's

7. Best Asian Restaurant
• Mekong
• Ming's Garden
• Jo Wok

8. Best Italian Restaurant
• Marconi's
• Olive Garden
• Weazy's

9. Best Mexican Restaurant
• Casa Fiesta
• Casa Real
• Costa Azul

10. Best Place for Breakfast
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Dianna's Deli
• Bob Evan's

11. Best Place for Dessert
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Cold Stone Creamery
• Toft's

12. Best Happy Hour
• Cheers
• Daly's
• Pier 684

13. Best Winery
• Firelands
• Quarry Hill
• Mon Ami

14. Best Beer Selection
• Mekong
• Water Street Bar & Grille
• Crowbar

15. Friendliest Service, Dining
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Mekong
• Samurai Steakhouse

16. Friendliest Service, Non-Dining
• Adam Pfeiffer at Kalahari
• 546 Tattoo Studio
• Solutions Salon & Spa

17. Favorite Community Institution
• Vacationland Federal Credit Union
• Sandusky Public Library
• Firelands Regional Medical Center

18. Best Spa
• Kalahari
• Solutions Salon & Spa
• Studio 1 Salon & Spa

19. Best Hair Salon
• Studio One Salon & Spa
• Scarlett O'Hair's
• Solutions Salon & Spa

20. Best Barber Shop
• Benny B's
• Acme Barber Shop
• Sipe's Hair Shop

21. Best Gym/Fitness Center
• Anytime Fitness

22. Best Place for Family Fun
• Kalahari
• Cedar Point
• Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

23. Best Live D.J.
• Bryan Thom
• DJ Daddy
• Jimbo Rocko

24. Best Car Repair
• Joe's Auto Repair
• Auto Grind
• Mathews Ford

25. Best Veterinarian
• Critter Croft
• Mapleview Animal Hospital
• Lakeshore Animal Hospital

26. Best Place for Steak
• Samurai Steakhouse
• Brown Derby Roadhouse
• Outback Steakhouse

27. Best Place for Lunch
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Mekong
• Uptown Cafe

28. Best Bar Food
• Cheers
• Water Street Bar & Grille
• Brass Pelican

29. Best French Fries
• Berardi's, Sandusky
• Better Half
• Five Guys Burgers & Fries

30. Best Bakery
• The Occasional Cookie & More
• Panera Bread
• Berardi's, Huron

31. Best Place for Donuts
• Jolly Donut
• House of Donuts
• The Donut Shop

32. Best Patio
• Water Street Bar & Grille
• Famous Dave's
• Pier 684

33. Best Place for Live Music
• Huron Boat Basin
• Pier 684
• Cabana Jack's

34. Best Dance Studio
• Black Tie Dance Studio
• Broadway Performing Arts Center
• Class Act Dance Studio

35. Best Museum
• Merry-Go-Round Museum
• Maritime Museum of Sandusky
• Follett House

36. Best Golf Course
• Sawmill Creek
• Thunderbird Hills
• Eagle Creek

37. Best Beach
• Cedar Point
• East Harbor
• Nickel Plate

38. Best Fair or Festival
• Ohio Bike Week
• Huron Riverfest
• United Festival

39. Best Pet Grooming
• Petco
• Purrfect Paws Grooming Boutique
• K & K Grooming

40. Best Tattoo Parlor
• 546 Tattoo Studio
• Sandusky Tattoo Company
• Pain & Pleasure Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio



Is there a date set for the awards ceremony yet?


well at least funcoast did a good job of publicizing the nominating process. NOT... wouldn't have killed ya for a week or so to put this process as an add on your main page or the Registers main page.. prob would have had a ton more nominations, instead of the dull stuff you always end up with.

Example 38. Best Fair or Festival
• Ohio Bike Week
• Huron Riverfest
• United Festival

Really? no melon fest, and bike week? come on.... worthless


If you didn't know about the nominating then you really haven't been reading the paper. It's one of the few things funcoast has been putting in the main paper. I know I've remembered to nominate my favorites nearly every day and I nominated things that were way off the grid. Most none of them came up but I still at least know I tried.

Heather Isbell's picture
Heather Isbell

Liked this! Yea, I nomed some smaller places too. Would like to see maybe 5 up for each choice. Let the little guys in too! : D