Brass Pelican places first for both Best Wings and Best Bar Food

We asked Brass Pelican Bartender, Tina Gilbert, a few questions about their Readers’ Choice Award win.
John Benson
Apr 4, 2013

Want to go?
: Winner of Best Wings, Best Bar Food
WHERE: Brass Pelican in Sandusky, 414 W Perkins Ave., Sandusky
HOURS: 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Monday-Friday, 12 p.m.-1 a.m. Saturday-Sunday
INFO: 419-624-0769

1. What do you think made you a finalist in the Readers’ Choice Awards?
We have the best wings hands down. It’s two years in a row for us.

2. For anyone out there who's never visited your business before, what would you say to convince them to come check it out?
People have to stop in and find out why. We have a huge wing selection with over 50 flavors. We’re a sports bar with a good selection of food.

3. Where are you going to display your award?
We’ll hang it right here probably with the other ones. We have four now and this is our fifth for best wings.

4. Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers?
Just come in and find out why we’re nominated and voted the best wings and best bar-food around. We have a wide variety of many items. They won’t be disappointed.



Terrible service. Takes forever to get your food. And smile once in awhile, it won't kill ya. Wings are awesome if you don't mind the wait.


You beat me to the truth!! The ONLY reason we go back is because of the food!! They have a GREAT chef!! The wait staff needs to practice smiling and running!! I almost went across the street to the Orioles Club to get a beer to go!!

Hoss McGee

Hey Cowboy have you seen the size of the wait staff? They not running anywhere besides to the fridge to get food for their own personal consumption

Tool Box

I agree! Their wings are terrific! But their service is horrible! Snail's pace would be a generous description of the service!


Service SUCKS! If your beer is empty they just stand there and look at you, when you tell them you want another one they never bring it and still get charged for it! I NEVER tip when I go there, they don't even deserve a pay check!


and the Pelican in Huron is twice as bad


So much for good praise huh! Lol


Sandusky one has awesome food ..bad service..Huron one has bad food and bad service. Cant believe they have the same owners. We just pretend we are a Dicks rude bar.


Must have been a blind taste test. The waitresses in sandusky have the personality of bridge trolls. C U Next Tuesdays. Worst service in town. Be Ashamed!


The grease they cook the chicken in ALWAYS smells sooo disgusting, like it hasn't been changed for weeks. I am actually shocked they won because you can clearly taste disgusting old grease in every bite of chicken(why I stopped going). Their sauces are excellent.


Always has been the worse service ever I have had in a bar, it's like your bothering them to get you a drink, or be over there BSing with their friends like they forget they're in the hospitality service. If it weren't for the good bar food, the place would be outta business. To bad the owner is so blind specially to some of his oldest employees, those the ones that need to go


I'm confused. Why do all of you keep going back there if it's that bad?

Tool Box

We haven't gone back. We got horrible service at the Sandusky location 3 times in a row and said "you're out!" Have not gone back in 6 months and we won't until they get new waitresses! I encourage everyone else to do the same. There are plenty of restaurants around our area that actually enjoy waiting on you!


My bf and I do not like the Sandusky location based on its location (they should have stayed downtown by the water) at all but I disagree about the one in Huron. We like their food and always have good service. We especially like to go there in summer to sit by the river, have dinner with drinks, and listen to Steve Brownell. It is a good time. However, I disagree about the wings. I actually like Buffalo Wild Wings better but other than that we like the food at the Brass Pelican on the River.