Cedar Point named number one for best place for family fun

We asked Cedar Point Marketing Manager, Bryan Edwards, a few questions about their Readers’ Choice Award win.
Ariel Shuey
Apr 7, 2013

Want to go?
: 1st place winner of Best Place for Family Fun
WHERE: Cedar Point, 1 Cedar Point Lane, Sandusky
HOURS: Opening Saturday, May 11th
INFO: www.cedarpoint.com

1. What do you think made you a finalist in the Readers’ Choice Awards?
It’s a combination of everything we have to offer here. Even though Cedar Point is known for it’s big roller coasters, there is something here for everything, family fun areas- we have 4 of them, awesome live shows, a great beach which is what started it all I think and plenty more. If you are looking for a nice relaxing area, you can find that here as well. Our beach and resort feel is quite unique to our location. There is something here for the entire family, that is something not a lot of people can say.

2. For anyone out there who’s never visited your business before, what would you say to convince them to come check it out?
I would say if you are looking for the perfect family vacation, you can find that here. You can truly find everything here from getting to ride the rides with your kids, feeling their excitement, watching a great live show to riding our great collection of roller coasters and experiencing those thrills, our park is for all ages to enjoy. Whether you love roller coasters or not, there is something for everyone at Cedar Point.

3. Where are you going to display your award?
It’s currently in our marketing office, because we are rebuilding our guest service’s location. But when that is finished it will be hung there.


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"there is something here for everything, " What does that mean?

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"a great beach which is what started it all I think " You mean he doesn't know what started it all?

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"there is something for everyone at Cedar Point." Ok, we get that, is there anything other than that, that you would like to say Bryan?


It’s a stretch, calling any of Lake Erie’s shoreline a beach. More like fecal contaminate areas…


I always think I'm so lucky to have such a great place so close. Ready for another great summer! (and fall too)