Coverage of Readers' Choice Award presentations

The team delivered awards to local businesses for a week.
Mar 28, 2014



From what I've read about your awards this year, I'm sure all the winners received the $600's worth.. damn shame you charged to be part of this contest this year SR.. damn shame.. how many categories did the write in vote win this year? would be a good discussion I'd bet.

Matthew Eric

Amen. Amen!

The Don

Totally agree!

Matthew Eric

I'm sorry but what is up with your captions for the photos?!?!
For example -
"Jon with Martin Guzman and the first place RCA for best Mexican Restaurant." AND that first place restaurant would be???
"Delivery to Ming's Garden and two second place RCA's." AND those 2 second place awards are????
Sorry the glare on the awards is too much.