546 Tattoo wins first place RCA for Best Tattoo Parlor

Pain & Pleasure wins second place with Sandusky Tattoo taking third
Feb 20, 2014

Robin H.M. and the folks at 546 Tattoo were excited when the Readers' Choice Award was delivered to their Norwalk studio on Thursday afternoon.

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Watch the video below to see how they learned about their first-place award.

Best Tattoo Parlor

1st Place: 546 Tattoo (Norwalk)

2nd Place: Pain & Pleasure

3rd Place: Sandusky Tattoo

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Awesome! Way to go Robin and crew. You will always have my business .

Matthew Eric

546 Tattoo is CLASS A!!!!
Not like those clowns in Sandusky who are playing musical chairs with different tattoo shops.
Where are you guys working NEXT WEEK?!?! LOL!