DeMore's Offshore Bar wins RCA for Best Perch

Berardi’s Family Kitchen wins second place with Dockside Cafe taking third
Mar 4, 2014

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Best Perch

First Place: DeMore's Offshore Bar

Second Place: Berardi's Family Kitchen

Third Place: Dockside Cafe


google me

Great example how inaccurate of a representation this award is. No offense to the businesses listed but this award has become worthless. For a newspaper that wants to represent transparency in the community please show it in your own awards propaganda that is nothing but a profit maker for your company.

Jason Werling

google me,

Any business had the opportunity to participate in this year's Readers' Choice Awards as a write-in vote. Many won with this option. Most, if not all of our local businesses were given the opportunity to participate in our sponsorship program to get their business's name on the online ballot and also participate in a keyword texting program as well. Those businesses were also featured in any print/online promotion of the awards.

Businesses who chose to participate in the sponsorship program were provided over and above their money's worth in exposure through print, online and texting.

If you'd like to discuss this more, please e-mail me at or call 419.609.5850. I will continue with any transparency you request.


No disrespect intended to the "winning" location, we all know who has the best perch in town.

All that and while the cost of this now meaningless contest was 600 bucks to be put on the ballot. Why not share the full voting results to prove your point? I for one feel as it's just another money grab by a failing paper/industry. just another reason to not pay attention to this any longer.

Jason Werling

We stand by our RCA program for this year. ANY business could participate in the contest through write-in voting and many won through write-in voting. Many businesses saw the value in advertising their name and logo and making it easier for their fans to cast their vote. 

We must be doing something right as you have clicked on at least two stories on our site to read, and paid attention to, the content.


I think they got this one right, but man some of the others! They really missed on the steak category.

Mr. D

Congratulations DeMore's!!! Great clam chowder, too!!!