C.V.I. hosts September Earth to Table dinner

Enjoy a delectable seafood dinner prepared by Chef Regan Reik at Culinary Vegetable Institute.
Amanda Amsel
Sep 6, 2013

The Culinary Vegetable Institute is hosting their September Earth to Table Dinner at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 14.

“The guest chef for this dinner will be Regan Reik of Pier W,” said Anna Christoff, marketing specialist for the Culinary Vegetable Institute. “Pier W is an amazing seafood restaurant in Lakewood, so Chef Reik will bring some local flavor to this meal.”

Want to Go?

WHAT: September Earth to Table Dinner
WHEN: 6:30 pm on Saturday, September 14
WHERE: Culinary Vegetable Institute, 12304 State Route 13 in Milan
COST: $75 a person/plus tax and gratuity
INFO: www.culinaryvegetableinstitute.com

Christoff feels that attendees will enjoy tasting some of the best seafood around, while also getting to sample some wonderful dishes.

“We bring in as many local chefs… to prepare our monthly dinners,” Christoff said. ‘Sometimes guests just want to taste dishes that are prepared by locals and have those local touches.”

One local touch of this meal will include appetizers like Lake Erie perch tacos, tomato watermelon phosphate and zucchini coquet monsieur.

The main entrees will consist of specially prepared salmon and Amish chicken. Dessert will be beats and white chocolate terrine.

“Tomatoes, leaks, cauliflower and beets are all in season, so they will be used throughout the meal,” Christoff said. “If you are a vegetarian, but still eat seafood you will love this meal.”

To purchase tickets, visit www.culinaryvegetableinstitute.com.



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