Enjoy some wings, and some football too

This week's Friday Feature is all about Cleat's in Marblehead.
John Benson
Nov 9, 2013
Going to a sports bar with the family can be a tricky affair.
Odds are there are a few folks in attendance who either pre-gamed a bit too hard or don’t see a problem swearing around children. For those families looking for, well, a family-friendly venue to watch a big game, Cleats in Marblehead – with a scenic location on East Harbor – may be the perfect choice.
“It’s getting to be the end of the season and there aren’t as many people in the area but there are still plenty who come in and eat dinner and watch whatever games are on,” said Cleats General Manager Tony Weaver. “I always consider us more of a sit down family restaurant than I would a partying sports bar. We get good crowds for Ohio State University and Cleveland Browns games.”
The other aspect of Cleats that can be misleading involves its menu. While for some the Marblehead venue may conjure up thoughts of flavored wings, Weaver said that’s just one section of what is a brand-new menu.
“We’re known for our wings but we have fresh burgers, pizza options, a few taco options and some pasta,” Weaver said. “So it’s like sandwiches, melts and wraps. We just last week rolled out a new menu. We updated it and reduced it because the old one was pretty large. We also run a lot of specials that we change up. In the off-season, we do a lot of home cooked meals because a lot of families come in.”
Drink-wise, Cleats has your run-of-the-mill beer and ale offerings. However, this time of year Weaver said a large clientele comes in for the popular Christmas Ale, which was just released last week. 
One upcoming event that is aimed at attracting a new audience is Ladies Nights taking place Nov. 17. In addition to light hors d’oeuvres and wine samples by Heidelberg Distributing, there will be various home businesses – Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, etc. – showing off their wares. 
For those who can’t read between the lines, the ladies can shop while the guys watch the game – and presumably have a Christmas Ale. 
When it comes to Cleats, Weaver is hoping people understand they’ll never leave hungry.
“We just have huge portions, and it’s good food,” Weaver said. “Most people go away with doggie bags. They go home satisfied and full. We don’t do a lot of dessert because they’re so full.”
Cleats is located at 6801 E Harbor Road, Lakeside Marblehead