BBQ Chicken cookout at Office Bar

Always on the lookout for new offerings, the Office Bar is expanding its operation to occasionally include catered cuisine.
John Benson
Nov 13, 2013
Sure, the Norwalk venue offers bar food but every now and then Manager Ray Sizemore said the establishment likes to create a special dinner event to attract a different crowd.
In September, The Office Bar held a Steak Out event catered by Catering by Design. Now comes word of The BBQ Chicken Dinner taking place Nov. 14 at the popular hangout. talked to Sizemore about the unique dinner, The Office Bar and more.
Before we talk about The BBQ Chicken Dinner, let’s recap the Steak Out event. How did that go?
The idea behind the Steak Out was pretty much the owner of Catering By Design approached me with the idea. We talked about something similar a couple of times and it never quite got off the ground. We pulled the trigger on that one. It seemed like a fun thing to do on a Thursday, which is a good night for going out to dinner as compared to being a big party night. The idea is to sort of ease us a little bit closer to the dinner crowd. It worked pretty well. It wasn’t a massive success but we had a lot more people that time of day than we typically do and they really enjoyed it. And the word of mouth was good, so we expect to build on that for this one.
Being the first event, you had to expect baby steps towards growing these special dinner evenings into something bigger?
Right, that was the first step toward this one, which will be the next step towards the next one. We’re learning what works and what doesn’t. So it’s that sort of thing. The BBQ Chicken Dinner is a very similar thing to the Steak Out. We’re encouraging presale but do welcome walkups. People can save $2 if you buy your ticket in advance. Each meal is half a BBQ chicken, oven-roasted potato, baked beans, garden salad and fresh-baked bread.
So what’s the idea behind these Catering by Design events?
We’re really just trying to expand what we offer to our current customers and hope to attract some new ones. We do have a menu but it’s limited and more bar type food compared to dinner type food. So it’s sort of a natural extension for us to try to move towards more of sit-down meal type offerings.
Any other similar-minded ideas planned for The Office Bar in the future?
We might go back to another steak thing. We’re looking as we go more into winter moving into less outdoor grill type stuff. There’s been talk of a lasagna or spaghetti or some sort of pasta night. We hope to end up doing these things once or twice a month. So it’s just a matter of building on what we do already.
Anything else new at The Office Bar?
One thing we’re moving towards is offering more upscale products. We’ve just added big chalkboards with all of our beer offerings, and we’re moving into more high-end craft brews and expanded our drafts. We had three and now we have nine. We have beers from all around the world. We’re going to be offering beer flights pretty soon.
The Office Bar is located at 11 Whittlesey Ave., Norwalk. The BBQ Chicken Dinner is $10 ADV/$12 at the door. For reservations, call 419-668-8869.