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12 layering and accessorizing trends

In this installment of our Style Re-Mix series the low-down with Gina Undaground, Gina gives us 12 great layering and accessorizing trends.
Gina UndaGround
Nov 14, 2012

Based on my research, here is a list of some new & improved trends for this month. You can add and rock these styles alone or in conjunction with past Style Re-Mix noted Fall Fashions.  Happy layering!

• Over-sized, away-from-the-body coats
• Brocades, embellishments, tapestry embroidery
• Head-to-toe prints
• Fur Coats and accent pieces
• Goth Revival (think black leather & lace)
• Boxy-fitting jackets in dense materials, such as wool or denim (paired with a fitted tee)
• Pairing a preppy sweater w/ a big, gaudy jeweled necklace
• Leather, deer / sheep / pigskin, croc and snakeskin (don’t be afraid to mix colors and/or finishes, i.e. patent w/ suede)
• Round Sunglasses (classic Lennon style to slight cat eye)
• Hard-case and luggage-style bags
• Hats, hats, hats (cloche, gaucho, cowboy, fur, fedora, schoolboy cap, and even top hats)
• Pointed, stiletto pumps

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Fur is DEAD! Don't wear fur!


I agree that new fur is not a good thing, but there are plenty of faux fur items in stores right now. If you choose to wear real fur, I recommend going vintage. A 40+ year old rabbit fur stole need not go to waste. I personally do not like or wear new fur but with a vintage item, I feel as if I'm honoring the animal that sacrificed its life more by wearing the piece than destroying it or having it lay dormant in a closet. The act of recycling changes my thoughts on the idea; if not, I only agree with hunting for survival and use of the hide in the making of garments or tools.