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Ten winter trends for gals AND guys

Style guru Gina Undaground gives ten fashionable winter trends for women as well as ten fashionable winter trends for men. Plus, a quick winter fashion tip for keeping your suede and leather shoes looking new.
Gina UndaGround
Dec 10, 2012

1.   The Classic Over-sized Sweater (only w/ sleek and slim or short-fitting bottoms, like miniskirts, cropped trousers, or skinny jeans)

2.   Velvet in Deep Blues, Violets, Black, Brown*

3.   Baroque Embellishments (Floral Trim, Embroidery, Beading, Lace)*

4.   Shift Dresses (wear with heeled booties and a long trench or boxy car coat)*

5.   Sweaters with Sheer Appearance (Open-knit weaves, crochet)*

6.   Ombre-Dyed Wool (the winter equivalent of the popular Summer trend)

7.   Capes, Cloaks, Ponchos and Wrap Coats (perfect shell for your layered outfit!)*

8.   Large Statement Necklaces (with casual and formal wear!)

9.   Leather Handbags (Natural Finishes or Bright Colors, Buckles and Hardware)*

10.   Holiday Sequins and Glitter! (I like my sequins in jacket form and my glitter on accent pieces, to note)

1.   Cable Knit Cardigans*

2.   Sweaters with Nordic, Ethnic, Geometric, and Holiday Prints*

3.   Polo Neck Sweaters*

4.   Trench Coats (preferably double-breasted in wool or leather)*

5.   Faux Fur / Vintage Fur Coats (if flashy isn’t your thing, try a coat with a fur lining or hood)*

6.   Military Revival (Peacoats, Bomber Jackets, Aviator Caps, Olive Drab)*

7.   Denim (Fitted, Skinny, Cropped Bootcut…also colored denim!)

8.   Plaid & Over-sized Scarves

9.   Hat styles (Basic Wool Ski Caps, Fedoras, Newsboy Caps, and Bowlers)*

10.   Facial Hair!

* All asterisked trends are easily available in both new and vintage wear!

Check out photos from our exclusive gallery of Gina's photo shoot in downtown Sandusky, HERE.

A Quick Winter Fashion Tip:
We all love wearing leather & suede boots in the winter, but if you’re like me, you’re always dealing with pesky salt lines forming or your stompers! After a stint outside in the snow, dry your shoes off and use a damp cloth to prevent salt lines from forming. If it’s already too late, a simple mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar will do the trick. Just dampen a cloth and lightly rub; do not soak the material, for that may cause further damage to one of the most prized assets of your winter wardrobe.


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