Find 'Proof' at BGSU Firelands this weekend

BGSU Firelands is offering “Proof” this Fall. Proof of what, one might ask? Well, mostly that the theatre department is once again providing quality entertainment.
Lori Demres
Nov 7, 2012

Want to go?
WHEN: 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 8-10
WHERE: McBride Auditorium, BGSU Firelands Campus, Huron
COST: $9.00 adults; $7.00 seniors and Firelands College Faculty; $5.00 for children and students and $4.00 for BGSU Firelands students. Groups of 15 or more are $7.00/person
INFO: 419-372-0747 (Open 1-7 p.m. daily)

“’Proof’ [by David Auburn] has been on my to do list for a while,” said director Grechen Lynne Wingerter, “I wanted to keep the cast small but still have it be an ensemble.”

Oddly enough, math is a driving force in this play but it’s still more about relationships between characters. Comparatively speaking, math is an absolute but there is no absolute in life. Proof for one might not be proof for another.

Kaitlyn Dissinger, a business manager major who snagged the role of Claire, the lead’s sister, said, “I had no idea what ‘Proof’ was about. It’s more interesting than I thought. It’s a neat little show about a regular family with extraordinary intelligence.” Many know, however, that sometimes genius can lead to madness, which is what Catherine, Claire’s sister, is trying to discover about herself.

Wingerter only had the students in class with her for about 2 weeks before auditions for the show took place, so she was not aware of their capabilities yet. “It was a different experience. I had to trust my instincts,” she said about having to cast before she got to know them well. She found it more challenging and more fun. “With the small shows I get to know the actors quicker and better,” said Wingerter.

Another cast member, who is also not a theatre major, is Cory Castellan. “I have a class with Grechen and enjoyed it and decided to audition when I heard about the play,” said the Broadcast Journalism major. Before ‘Proof’ he was a lead in a play in junior high school. Castellan said, “It’s a good script with characters that have many dimensions and are complex. Every scene is as if from a different angle.” He added, “there’s a really great tightness with the cast. It was a bit intimidating at first.” If given another chance Castellan would like to try another comedy. “Proof” is a drama with some lighter moments.