Enjoy the murder mystery 'Spiral Staircase' at Sandusky High School

Someone has already murdered three young women with afflictions such as being crippled, scarred or simple minded and there is a young companion who is mute caring for a bedridden woman in town. Could she be next?
Lori Demres
Nov 14, 2012

Want to go?
WHAT: Spiral Staircase
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Thursday & Friday, November 15 & 16
WHERE: Sandusky High School, 2130 Hayes Ave., Sandusky
COST: $5.00 adults; $4.00 seniors and students

“The kids wanted a murder mystery this year,” said director Karen Mears, “so I gave them some doable ones and they chose ‘Spiral Staircase.’” There is a cast of eight so many can be involved on stage and the storyline caught their interest. Two are new to the stage and two are new to the drama club.

Mears said, “There is no butler but there are lots of clues so the audience can figure it out and there are several implications to misguide, so they may not guess correctly.” It’s mostly a drama but there is a quirky maid. Because the students are more used to comedy where little missteps aren’t quite as noticeable, they are having a bit of difficulty with the drama and are learning some new self-control. The crew considers this a ‘some assembly required’ show as there is a staircase and some big props that are required for the “Spiral Staircase” set.

Katie Boissoneault is playing the mute Helen. “There’re not many lines to learn but it’s harder to not say anything,” said Boissoneault, “I have to be in control of my facial expressions and maintain character at all times.” During rehearsals she has been studying the cues and is only working on movement. A by-product of this is that she has learned where everyone else needs to be and will whisper cues to them about where and when they need to move, which has been helpful. Even with minimal lines Boissoneault has to pay close attention and cannot let her mind wander as there are some large dialogue blocks where others are speaking but will be talking to her or asking her questions and she will need to nod or acknowledge them in some way.

Be prepared to be shocked, there will be gun shots. Mears finished by saying, “the kids do a great job – more people need to come and see them!”