King Arthur and his knights are coming to Perkins High School

Kings, Ladies, and Knights are all from a romantic, historical time that developed into bedtime stories beginning with ‘Once upon a time’. King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, etc. are the characters of just such sort of a legend, “Camelot.”
Lori Demres
Feb 28, 2013

Director Marilyn Forster said, “‘Camelot’ is classical American musical theatre at its best. I love the music.” She also knew she had some extremely talented returning actors and she wanted to give them a challenging stretch to showcase their voices and abilities.

Want to go?
: “Camelot”
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday; 1 p.m. Sunday
WHERE: Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St., Sandusky
COST: $8
INFO: 419-625-1252

There are 48 teens in the cast from freshman to seniors, the majority of whom have two to four costume changes each. “Costumes were our largest expense as they are elaborate and elegant [with some armor thrown in] so they had to be high quality,” said Forster. She added, “But the kids love getting into their costumes as it takes them out of their usual mundane fashion of jeans and sweats.” Parents even helped out with a few specialty costumes for the sea nymphs and trees from the enchanted forest.

“Camelot” has truly been a school production for all the students, even for those not in it. Although the sets are pretty elaborate, they were able to use other set pieces from prior shows. One teacher and his brother did any other building that was needed and the students painted the set. Other students were helping out with special effects such as snow, tent flying and a funeral pyre. There is even a dog in the production that is mostly comic relief but, then again, animals usually are.

The kids caught wind of what the spring play would be before it was officially announced and they started doing research on their own including whatever they could find online and procuring the movie to watch. The English Department also got into the act and decided to add King Arthur and his legend to the curriculum for a bit as the kids are no longer taught about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The show is set in a completely different era from what the students are used to, even The Phantom of the Opera, which they did last spring, is set in the 20th century. Forster added some dance sequences because of the exceptional dancers she had available. ‘The Lusty Month of May’ is a big ensemble production with a bit of medieval style dance; otherwise the dance is very lyrical and ballet-like describing the mood of the scene.

Forster says, “Audiences who come to see it will be delightfully surprised by the maturity of the actors and their wonderful voices and but they won’t be disappointed.



Thursday & Friday at 7:30 pm. Saturday matinee at 1:00 pm and another show at 7:30. There is no Sunday matinee or evening show.