The Big Bad Wolf’s trial begins Friday at the Bellevue Society for the Arts

The big bad wolf is finally getting his comeuppance and is on trial for all his wrongdoings in “The Big Bad Musical.”
Lori Demres
Apr 17, 2013

All those he wronged are there to testify: Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, the Boy who cried Wolf, the Three Little Pigs, and on and on with storybook characters. Even the lawyers are the Fairy Godmother and the Evil Stepmother. Director Danielle Hayward said, “the music is upbeat and fun and very catchy.” It was done quite a while ago by the BSA and Hayward directed it once before at Immaculate Conception school.

Want to go?
: “The Big Bad Musical”
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday, April 19 & 20; 2:30 p.m. Sunday, April 21
WHERE: Bellevue Society for the Arts Children’s Theatre, 205 Maple Street, Bellevue
COST: $10.00 adults 18+; $8.00 seniors 60 and over; $6.00 students K-12
INFO: 419-484-ARTS (2787); Reservations are highly recommended

There are roughly 55-60 children in this musical with the youngest being in second grade, the age when students are first allowed to audition for the Children’s Theatre. Luckily, Hayward is not alone in this endeavor. Along with her Assistant Director, Charlene Gardner, her musical director hails from Clyde High School, choreography assists are done by Rebecca Lawson from a local dance studio and some of the kids who age out of Children’s Theatre at 13 have returned to help with some production aspects as well as many parents.

Hayward is obviously grateful for the help. “One rehearsal I was all by myself with about 60 kids. I think I lost my voice that night,” she said.

When it comes to costuming there are some modern twists that were chosen based on the way the characters behave. For example, Little Red Riding Hood still has her basket and hood but she has a black skirt and Goth lipstick as she is portrayed as rather snotty. The wolf, on the other hand, is a rapper and continually has backup singers following him around. “I wanted to keep the chorus basic and timeless,” said Hayward, “other than that the characters put their own spin on costumes.”

The Children’s Theatre at Bellevue Society for the Arts needs almost no advertising to get kids to audition. Not only do they have their own Facebook page now but the kids and their younger siblings wait for it every year, wondering what show it will be and what part they can play and when auditions are.

Hayward said, “come and see it because it’s lighthearted and spectacular and the little kids continually amaze and impress me with their character development.” Yes, it is appropriate for all ages.