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It's pronounced "Fronkensteen"

Harlequins hosting musical based on the Mel Brooks' movie.
Lori Demres
Jan 29, 2014

It’s Alive! Young Frankenstein, the Musical is alive and kickin’ and coming to Harlequins Theatre.

Based on the Mel Brooks’ movie and the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Young Frankenstein creates a monster of a good time.

Initially, young Dr. Fronkensteen (as he pronounces it so as not to be associated in any way with his ancestor) resists all efforts to be brought back into the family fold. Eventually he inherits his grandfather’s castle and returns to his ancestral home leaving his fiancé, Elizabeth, behind. Elizabeth, played by Cassady Holt, follows Dr. Fronkensteen and ends up in the arms of another.

“I’ve been to Harlequins shows before and love the movie Young Frankenstein,” says Holt. She wanted the role Madeline Kahn played in the movie and got it. “It’s the first show I’ve done at Harlequins and I was jumping up and down, ecstatic to get Kahn’s role.”

Holt is not a stranger to theatre though and teaches acting and musical theatre at Broadway Performing Arts Center. Holt states, “I’ve never played on a small stage like Harlequins, and the cast is working well together. It’s a very loving and inviting cast.” All the while Holt is purring about the loving, inviting cast, another cast member is kibitzing on the conversation saying what a narcissistic diva Holt is and Holt hears everything but through it all is smiling and laughing.

WHAT: Young Frankenstein: The Musical
WHEN: 8:00 p.m. January 31, February 1, 7 and 8, 2014; 2:00 p.m. February 2 and 9, 2014
WHERE: Harlequins Theatre, 414 Wayne St, rear, Sandusky; online reservations  http://www.harlequinstheatre.com  or call 1-866-967-8167 (Noon-Midnight ET)
COST: $15.00 per ticket

One of the characters the good doctor meets upon his arrival to the castle is Frau Blucher, the housekeeper. “I absolutely adore Frau Blucher… she is so much fun to play… she is my idol,” says Deb Swartz, the Frau Blucher of the Harlequins production. Like Holt, Swartz got the role she wanted. Cloris Leachman played the movie role and Andrea Martin was the original Blucher in the musical. “I’m trying to combine a little of both,” says Swartz, “Cloris was funnier in the movie and I am watching Andrea more to mimic the very defiant militant dance style she did on Broadway.”  

Swartz says Evil Dead is still her favorite play she’s been a part of and in the same breath says, “But I’m not done with this one yet!” Swartz’s final quote about Young Frankenstein, “Come and see it. It’s so funny you’ll be rolling in the aisles and will want to come see it again!”