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Beauty and the Beast at McCormick School

Huron High School presents the musical this weekend with 42 cast members
Lori Demres
Apr 24, 2014

A tale as old as time will be brought to life when Huron High School performs Beauty and the Beast. Jimy Foreman, director and Jeff Skaggs, musical director have been a collaborative team for about nine years for the Huron High School productions.

“As soon as this one is over, we’ll begin thinking about next year’s show,” said Skaggs. According to all the powers that be, Beauty and the Beast has been a much more elaborate production than Huron has put on in quite some time. 

Beauty and the Beast
WHEN: April 25 and 26, 2014 at 8:00 and April 27, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.; there will also be a tea with Belle on Sunday beginning at noon before the matinee
WHERE: McCormick School, 325 Ohio St., Huron, OH; reservations can be made by calling 419-433-1356
COST: 9.00 for everyone

Allison Brownell who is Belle says, “There’s a lot more weight on our shoulders and it’s a lot more work.” She’s not complaining at all, however, as she wanted to part of Belle and got it. “Huron hasn’t done Disney in a while, or at least not while I’ve been here,” said Brownell. 

The Beast, aka Benji Battiste, agrees with her, “There is much more going on at a time on stage with set pieces, props and costumes.”

Both Brownell and Battiste are seniors and in sports, in the marching band, and in choir together and even played brother and sister in The Sound of Music. Battiste would’ve been happy playing either Lumiere or the Beast although he hasn’t gotten a look at the costume of the Beast yet.

Battiste has been in over 15 shows between Huron High School, Caryl Crane Youth Theatre and The Sound of Music at the State Theatre.

“It’s magical,” says Brownell, “if you’re a Disney fan, definitely come see it.” There are more songs than in the movie but the storyline and lines are very similar and the traditional songs everyone loves are included such as, “Tale as Old as Time” and “Be Our Guest”. There are some clever transformations and cool effects that should wow the audience as well.

This production hasn’t only taken it up a notch for the students but for the musical director too. There will be an orchestra with both students and other talented performers around the area. Music is a big part of this show. There is no sense of break in lines and music will be underscoring dialogue to create emotion and mood.

There are 42 cast members with at least three to four newcomers who have never been on stage before. “The kids really worked hard and are proud of their work. We’ve all tried to take it up to the next level from a high school musical,” says Foreman, “Definitely worth seeing.”