CAN you enjoy craft beer in a CAN? Yes! You sure CAN!

Oct 25, 2013

Can you believe that this Sunday my beloved Cleveland Browns will accomplish a remarkable feat that no other team in the NFL has been able to do? 

That’s right folks; the Brownies will enter the record books when Jason Campbell takes Sunday’s first snap.  Campbell will be the Browns’ 20th starting quarterback since 1999. That’s more starting quarterbacks than any other team during that timeframe.  Probably more than any other team has had total in history. 

Wow, what a feat!  I would like to commemorate this accomplishment by hanging my head in shame as that is just plain sad. 

News broke of coach Chud naming Campbell the starter as I was getting my daily sports talk radio dose in while driving south through the beautiful countryside enjoying all the fall colors and cool weather on my adventure to visit Connie and Chuck at Arnold’s Carryout in Willard.  I walked in excited to drop this exclusive news update until I realized there is nothing to be excited about, only shame and disappointment.  I knew now that the only thing that could cheer me up would be picking up some delicious craft beer delights from my new friends.

Since the Browns “canned” Brandon Weeden in favor of Jason Campbell, Connie that it would be a good idea to try out three different breweries that are selling their craft specialties by the can (see what I did there?  It’s called a pun, and puns are adorable).  

Most people are confused when they see craft beer in a can, and by confused I mean that they don’t think it’s a craft beer.  The big beer companies have dominated the market for years and years and years selling their watered down fizz in giant value packs served up in a canned format. 

There are plenty of different reasons for canning beer versus bottling beer.  One reason for the big beer companies is that packaging beer in a can takes up less space; therefore they can put more packages on store shelves in hopes of selling more to earn a higher revenue dollar. 

An interesting fact about craft brewers canning their beer: 

In the west, mainly from the Rocky Mountains over to the west/northwest coast, there are hundreds of forests and parks that have a large amount of visitors every year, i.e. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Tahoe, all the ski resorts in Colorado and so on and so forth. 

A reason for forest fires was determined to be coming from empty beer bottles left on the ground, whether littered, knocked over and out of a trash barrel by animals and so on and so……you catch my drift.  Well, when the sun shines down, those rays of light reflect very heavily and aggressively off of the glass bottle causing an intense heat that, when surrounded by dried up brush, will cause a fire.  It’s kind of like when we were all sick sadistic little kids and we would go burn ant hills with a magnifying glass.  Do kids still do that?  Or do they just have a video game where they do that now and post all their results on Facebook and Snapchat their friends without any real human interaction?

Ok, getting back onto topic.  Canned craft beer will taste just as delicious as bottled craft beer.  And don’t tell me you’re one of those people that prefer bottled beer over canned beer.  Because if that’s the case I can only assume you prefer a Bud Light in the bottle as opposed to the can.  Well I got news for you:  It’s going to taste the same either way you drink it, like crap.

Jackie O’s Brewery – Firefly Amber Ale 4.5% ABV
This brewery is new to store shelves in Ohio, but it’s not new to Ohio. 

Jackie O’s has been quenching the thirst of college kids in Athens, Ohio for many years.  They’ve now decided to spread the wonder outside of the Ohio University town and allow us to enjoy in all its illustrious glory.

This wonderful version of an Amber Ale pours a nice hazy orange, very light copper.  I was a bit surprised when it didn’t pour a nice copper amber color.  With very light aromas of caramel and toasted amber malt, the taste didn’t quite match the aroma, but in a good way. 

With a nice, active carbonation, I tasted quite a bit of citrus hops followed by smooth amber malt.  A nice twist on the style as I feel that the citrusy hop flavor really broke up the monotony of most basic amber ales.  A very drinkable beer at 4.5% abv.  This Amber Ale is truly refreshing, and even better, you CAN enjoy this beer in a CAN!

Revolution Brewing Company’s Eugene Porter 6.8% ABV
The Chicago brewery that really hit Ohio with a knockout punch over the course of 2012,   Revolution Brewing has some amazing canned offerings that are readily available on store shelves (mainly at store shelves that sponsor Foaming at the Mouth). 

Eugene Porter pours a pitch black with a nice, thick tan head.  Wonderful coffee aromas followed by chocolate fill your sniffer. 

A mild carbonation gives this porter a wonderfully balanced body, the light carbonation doesn’t make it too heavy, and the heavy carbonation doesn’t make it too light (trust me, that’s the best way to describe it, I tried to phrase that in more ways than the Browns have had starting quarterbacks). 

Smooth flavors of coffee bean and mild chocolate fill the palate with a fairly bitter, dry finish.  I loved the mild chocolate taste in this beer compared to the dark chocolate taste you find in most porters and stouts.  A wonderfully crafted CANNED beer that is very drinkable and delicious.


Oskar Blue’s Deviant Dale’s IPA 8.0% ABV
Arguable one of/if not the leader of the craft beer can revolution, Oskar Blue’s has been canning their beer longer than Tim Couch has been out of work as an NFL quarterback (he was starter number 2 for us…I think..).  Oskar Blue’s flagship IPA, Deviant Dale is an exceptional example of the style. 

Pouring a big deep copper amber, almost ruby color, aromas of heavily spicy hops (citrus, pine and floral, mostly pine) fill whatever the sensors are that carry smells to your brain. 

A thicker mouthfeel than most IPA’s, this brew teeters on the line of an imperial until the tastes of the spicy hops and mild malt backbone bring it back down to a more traditional IPA taste.  You can never go wrong when you pick up a can of Oskar Blue’s. 

I really urge you to keep an open mind when it comes to craft beers in a can.  You CAN enjoy them by the can and they CAN change your life. Not to mention, the artwork on the canned beers are usually way cooler than the bottles. 

Check out and you’ll really be able to smell what I’m steppin’ in. 

Also, is a great site to check out the latest news on canned craft beers. Alright, I’m done with the puns, and I’m done with Browns, just kidding.  I will never be done with the puns and I will always love the Browns, you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Stop by Arnold’s Carry Out and pick up some of the phenomenal beers I mentioned above.  They’re located at 105 S. Myrtle Avenue Willard, OH 44890.  Tell them I sent you and they will give you a complimentary handshake.

Until next week, enjoy craft beer, enjoy the weekend, and most importantly: enjoy responsibly.