Bill & Alan's Excellent Beer Adventure begins at Arnold's

Apr 9, 2014
What began as two guys buying individual bottles of beer at The Anderson’s in Maumee three years ago has turned into an obsessive-compulsive habit. 

The desire to find that one magical beer has sent us to the far-reaching corners of Ohio and beyond and led to pleading with family members and friends to bring us riches and spoils from their time away from home. This is life we find ourselves now leading.
We are Alan and Bill. We have a deep-seeded need to enjoy as many beers as possible.
Because of this need, and our undeniable beer snobbery, we are honored to become the newest addition to the Funcoast team as the bloggers for Foaming at the Mouth.
For this month, we visited Arnold’s in Willard. Connie and Chuck Arnold have quite the hot spot, as during our time at the store Thursday afternoon several patrons stopped by and made purchases.

Connie and Chuck pride themselves on finding unique beers that they hope their customers will fine enjoyable.

They currently are selling off their winter stock of stouts and porters, and they have begun to place spring and summer style beers on the shelves. It may not be spring-like outside, but Chuck and Connie at Arnold’s are ready for the weather to turn.

Next time you stop in to Arnold’s Carryout, say hello to Connie and Chuck, tell them what you like, and let them pick a beer for you. You won’t be disappointed as they are very knowledgeable about their products.

— Beer bloggers Alan & Bill

Pale Ale

•Ballast Point Brewing Co.
•San Diego, Calif.
•ABV - 5.2% IBUs - 23
•Available Year Round
According to the brewer’s website, this Pale Ale is a “rich golden brew, crafted with aromatic German hops and rounded out with a blend of American of Munich malts.” It is very similar to Kolsch-style beer, meaning it should be very drinkable.
As we are two guys who enjoy drinking heavier-style beers, this offering was a bit mild and weak for our liking. If you are the type of beer drinking who likes a light and crisp lager, this is a decent choice when looking for something different than the usual mass-produced American offerings.
Irish Setter Red
•Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.
•Akron, Ohio
•ABV - 5.9% IBUs - 16
Thirsty Dog is a brewing company that we are very familiar with and one that we enjoy. Hailing from Akron, this brewer provides drinkers with a wide-variety of styles and flavors, including 12 Dogs of Christmas, a winter warmer, Siberian Night, a Russian Imperial Stout, and Old Leghumper, an American Porter.
The Irish Setter Red was a new brew for us. This red ale had an inviting aroma that smelled sweet and malty. The flavor, however, fell flat. The beer had very little head and was weak on flavor. This was not one of our favorites from Thirsty Dog. But just because we did not like this one doesn’t mean we won’t drink from here again. We will stick by this brewery and continue to try the many offerings they produce.
Horny Goat
•A Porter Aged in Whisky Barrels
•Elevator Brewing Co.
•Columbus, Ohio
•ABV - 7.5%
Porters and Stouts, along with Belgian tripels, dubbels, and quadruples, are our favorite styles of beers. With that in mind, this Elevator Brewing Company beer was promising from the start.
The beer had little head. The aroma and flavor was whiskey-forward but not overpowering. Interestingly enough, the flavor of whiskey stuck around well after the beer was finished. That’s probably because the beer sat in whiskey barrels for three months before bottling.
This beer score 93 points at the 2013 World Beer Championship, good for an Exceptional rating.