11:33 AM Jan 30, 2014

This week's odd item is the toughest yet...and that's not a hint. If you make it out for burger night tonight, you might see the return of the Old Dutch eagle nest. A new pair have built a nest and were working on it earlier today.

Hint #1- Three words

10:28 AM Jan 23, 2014

If you haven't won a burger yet through our Odd Item of the Week contest, today might be your day.

Hint #1: One word

Hint #2: Starts with a "B"

Hint #3: It is good for you 

9:35 AM Jan 16, 2014

There were over 20 guesses for last week's odd item of dried apple rings. There may be more this week.

Winner gets a free burger at the Old Dutch tonight. Remember, this is a topping on a burger. Hand Driven Screwdriver?

Hint #1: Three words

9:53 AM Jan 9, 2014

Get out of the house and get into the Old Dutch for Thursday's burger night. It has been one tough week with the weather and you deserve a burger whether you win one here or not.

Hint #1- Three words

Hint #2- Not onions

11:26 AM Jan 2, 2014

The Old Dutch Tavern will be open tonight for burger night and you can win a free burger by guessing the odd item from the hints below.

Hint #1: It is not snow

Hint #2: This Dessert Life

Hint #3: Three words

9:16 AM Dec 26, 2013

You probably don't feel like cooking on this day after Christmas. How about a chance at a free burger for burger night at the Old Dutch.

Be the first to guess this week's topping from the hints below and you can keep the oven off tonight.

8:57 AM Dec 19, 2013

The first person to guess this week's odd item from the hints below will get a free burger, with or without the eclectic topping.

Hint #1: Three words

Hint #2: Not wedding or fruit

Hint #3: 5 pack

9:42 AM Dec 12, 2013

Last week's odd item of the week was almond paste. This week's is...

Hint #1: Three words

Hint #2: Not sour

9:26 AM Dec 5, 2013

Take a few guesses, the worst that can happen is that you are wrong.

Two weeks ago, green bean casserole was the topping (pictured).

Hint #1: Two words

Hint #2: Joy to the World

Hint #3: Not Elmer's

7:43 AM Dec 2, 2013

UPDATED WITH WINNER: BigMoney was the closest with both scores and had the winner. They won this week's burger.

Thank you to everyone who guessed and don't miss out on another chance to win a burger this week with the odd item of the week contest on Thursday.

10:19 AM Nov 21, 2013

There is no burger night next week at the Old Dutch, so you will have to get double the guesses in for this week.

Hint #1: Three words

Hint #2: Ho, Ho, Ho

9:15 AM Nov 14, 2013

We are starting the contest early this week as it might take you all a while to guess this week's topping for the Old Dutch's burger night.

Hint #1: Four words

Hint #2: Watch the video below

Hint #3: Ponch and Jon

10:09 AM Nov 7, 2013

Halloween is over and the Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies were last week's topping. Let's see if anyone can guess this week's topping from the hints listed below...

Hint #1:  B.A. Baracus

1:48 PM Oct 31, 2013

Your first hint is a Halloween theme, but you could have figured that out since burger night happens to fall on October 31 this year.

Hint #2- Three words

Hint #3- P C C

Hint #4- Not Candy Corn

11:54 AM Oct 24, 2013

This week's odd item of the week from the Old Dutch burger night is....

Hint #1: A

Hint #2: Walter White

Hint #3: Mr. Brown is upside down

Hint #4: Hyphens

9:59 AM Oct 17, 2013

Guess this week's odd topping for burger night at the Dutch using the hints below.

Hint #1: One word

Hint #2: Sweet

Hint #3: Simple

11:48 AM Oct 10, 2013

This week's topping is going to be difficult to guess, but we'll give you some hints to help you out.

Hint #1: Tough nut to crack

Hint #2: Not corny

Hint #3: Two words

Hint #4: Snowball