You can guess this Old Dutch odd item in five hints

Sep 12, 2013

Or it might take a few more. Larry picked an "interesting" ingredient for this week's Odd Item of the week. The odd item will be an optional topping for burger night tonight at the Old Dutch Tavern.

Hint #1: Three words

Hint #2: Don't get burned

Hint #3: Red

C'mon, no guesses yet?

Hint #4: The Eiffel Tower

Hint #5: salted or unsalted

Hint #6: F B P

Hint #7: Charles Schultz

Hint #8: Brach's

Hint #9: It is posted on the sign inside the Dutch right now.

Hint #10: French Burnt Peanuts (first to post it below wins the burger)



Can you make it any harder?


French Burnt Peanuts!