Start your guessing and win a burger from the Old Dutch

Oct 3, 2013

Guess this week's burger from the hints listed below and you will win a burger tonight at the Old Dutch.

The burger pictured is not this week's burger

Hint #1: Not Sauce

Hint #2: CG

Hint #3: Crunchy

Hint #4: It won't be shaped like a can

Hint #5: Becca419 has one word correct

Hint #6: Take it with you on a hike

Hint #7: Not crunchberry

becca419 won it with her guess of "cranberry granola" Congratulations and see you all next Thursday.



Collard greens


cracklin gravy

Jason Werling

becca419- keep going

Jason Werling

becca419, you got it!!

Send me an e-mail with your name and I will let the Dutch know you are the winner of a burger tonight. Let us know if you try it with cranberry granola on it.

Thanks for playing and all the guesses.


canned granola


coconut granola