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What does the Old Dutch have in store for this week's odd item?

Dec 5, 2013

Take a few guesses, the worst that can happen is that you are wrong.

Two weeks ago, green bean casserole was the topping (pictured).

Hint #1: Two words

Hint #2: Joy to the World

Hint #3: Not Elmer's

Hint #4: A P

Hint #5: Nuts about this odd item


Stop It

Frog legs.


egg nog




Blue Cheese

Shark Week

Heavenly Hash


Apple Pie

Shark Week

Almond Paste

Jason Werling

Shark Week- You Win!

Congratulations and will you try it on a burger?

Send me an e-mail with your name and I will let Larry know you have a free burger coming.

Thanks for playing.

millie by any o...

roasted chestnuts