Guess this week's odd item for an Old Dutch burger

Dec 19, 2013

The first person to guess this week's odd item from the hints below will get a free burger, with or without the eclectic topping.

Hint #1: Three words

Hint #2: Not wedding or fruit

Hint #3: 5 pack

This would have been Hint #4, but Shark Week guessed it already...




red velvet cake

Jason Werling

Sometimes you all don't make it any fun for me to make hints. Shark Week, you are correct and win this week's burger. I'm going to have to make tougher hints next week.

Send me an e-mail,, with your name and I'll notify the Old Dutch of your win.

Are you going to try it?

Horace Mann

I dunno. Little Debbie Cake on a burger? Blechh!

I think "Maryland Crab Cake" would be much better.