Good toppings to you and your kin, guess this week's odd item

Dec 26, 2013

You probably don't feel like cooking on this day after Christmas. How about a chance at a free burger for burger night at the Old Dutch.

Be the first to guess this week's topping from the hints below and you can keep the oven off tonight.

Hint #1: Just about everybody has them.

Hint #2: Three words

Hint #3: One of the words is 'Christmas'

Hint #4: LO

Hint #5: Santa can't eat them all.

thetruthhurts17 won this week's burger. Thank you all for playing and don't forget you can still go there and buy a burger tonight. And get it with our without leftover Christmas cookies.



Christmas ornament cookie

Insert Witty Na...

Ugly christmas sweaters????

Jason Werling

Definitely not ugly Christmas sweaters, but you could wear one to the Old Dutch tonight for burger night.

I don't know how many more hints I can give without giving out the answer. Keep guessing...


Christmas left overs


Leftover Christmas cookies

Jason Werling

Mmmmm, doesn't that sound good on a burger? You are correct. Please send your name to so I can be sure they give the burger to the right person.

Thanks for playing.


Leftover Christmas Ham