First contest of the year, guess the odd item

Jan 2, 2014

The Old Dutch Tavern will be open tonight for burger night and you can win a free burger by guessing the odd item from the hints below.

Hint #1: It is not snow

Hint #2: This Dessert Life

Hint #3: Three words

Hint #4: And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more.

Hint #5: Add an "r" and you have Clark Griswold moving at light speed. Another word for the sled he is using, video below.

Hint #6: #4 #2 #5


White bear

Boston cream pie

White bear

Angel food cake

White bear

Chocolate raspberry tart


raspberry ice cream

White bear

chocolate raspberry sauce


raspberry cheesecake sauce


raspberry dessert sauce

Jason Werling

MBR- You guessed correctly! Send an e-mail with your name to and we will let Larry know to get you a free burger tonight. And be careful driving there.


raspberry cream sauce