12:27 PM May 28, 2013
There's a blonde working at the McDonald's on 101 who has a secret admirer.
11:45 AM May 21, 2013
Find something he wants to trade and you'll be able to play guitar while you microwave your hotpocket.
11:57 AM May 14, 2013
Free friend on Craigslist, and he comes with a boat.
1:45 PM May 7, 2013
This post made us tear up. Get your tissues ready, beautiful.
11:48 AM Apr 30, 2013
He saw her and now he wants a ride, in her car.
12:45 PM Apr 23, 2013
She must've been crazy, we think this ring is gorgeous.
12:09 PM Apr 16, 2013
Sure, the season for building a fire in your fireplace may be coming to an end, but you still need to keep that chimney clean.
5:00 PM Apr 9, 2013
We know we're a little late, but we're wishing you a happy belated Birthday to Taskism.
11:01 AM Apr 2, 2013
His spelling might be a little off, but his heart seems to be in the right place. (We're guessing he Googled phlebotomist for the spelling, but figured he knew how to spell cracker...)
4:42 PM Mar 26, 2013
We think they should move back here and let their love flourish.
1:15 PM Mar 19, 2013
Everything from their conversation to his job, was attractive to her. Now she's seeking him out on Craigslist, after one meaningful conversation.
11:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
He made her entire day by teasing her about McDonald's new menu item, Fish McBites.
11:55 AM Mar 5, 2013
They made eye contact at Kalahari, a lot it seems, but that's all they ever did...
12:38 PM Feb 26, 2013
It seems as though some people have progressed so far past writing love letters on paper that they're posting them on Craigslist. Who needs privacy anyway?
11:37 AM Feb 19, 2013
Who new that Craigslist is the perfect place to get things off your chest even when you're not ranting or raving?
12:13 PM Feb 12, 2013
Apparently there's a really good office supply store in Westland, Michigan. Maybe we should plan a group road trip.
4:00 PM Feb 5, 2013
Get ahold of the guy, woman who works at the cleaners on Rawson St. behind the gas station. He might not have actually talked to you, but he paid enough attention to know what you bought at the gas station.