App of the Week: Zombie Dash

Warning: this App of the Week pick is not for the squeamish.
Tandem Mobile Team
Jan 30, 2012

Warning: this Tandem Mobile App of the Week pick is not for the squeamish.

But if you're the type of person who really holds a grudge against zombies, then we've got a game for you. We're talking about Zombie Dash.

Zombie Dash is simple enough. You pick a character (male or female) and before you know it, you're running across the screen blasting away at all the undead you can aim for. The game moves fast, as you're running nonstop, left to right across the screen (think old school Mario Bros. for regular Nintendo), and it only goes faster as you progress through the levels.

As for your artillery, you start the game with a short-range shotgun. But as you're running through the levels, you can get temporary upgrades for your weaponry. The power-ups include what looks like a robot that you're temporarily inside of, and it has some serious blasting power. There's also an electricity gun, as well as a gun that allows you to launch projectiles at your walking dead adversaries (note: those projectiles are probably bombs, but they also look like they could be penguins, for some reason).

The game isn't particularly difficult, though it does pick up speed the further you get in the game.

For some free, addicting, zombie-blasting fun, we definitely recommend Zombie Dash.

At the moment, this game is only available in the Android Marketplace, so iPhone users don't have to worry about developing a new zombie-killing habit just yet.

This week's Tandem Mobile App of the Week has been brought to you by mobile team member Alex Thompson. Do you know of a better game about zombies? Let him know at

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