Top 5 gaming announcements at E3

Gamers rejoice - we've got the top five announcements from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) right here.
Jun 12, 2012
Every year the video game industry sends its best and brightest to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles to show gamers around the world just what they can expect to see in the upcoming year. As expected, this year's show saw the announcement of not only a ton of new games, but some interesting new hardware as well. Keep on reading for a quick look at some of the coolest stuff to come out of this year's expo.   Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Release 8/28/2012) After creating what is likely the most awesome Transformers game ever in 2010, developer High Moon Studios is following up their previous hit with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. A game that actually made you feel like a giant, powerful transforming robot while delivering a solid story with many original Transformers voice actors was an amazing feat when the original came out, and seeing the progress that's been made on the sequel is exciting stuff. This title has been on the radar for a while now, but everything coming out of this year's E3 has me even more eager to get my hands on this. Check out more here.   Aliens: Colonial Marines (Release 2/12/2013) If you're anything like me, you've been consuming Aliens movies and video games since you were a teenager. One of sci-fi's scariest franchises has had its share of ups and down both at the box office and on gaming store shelves, but Colonial Marines looks to be shaping up into something outstanding. After all, what sci-fi nerd wouldn't want their chance at taking on hordes of scary aliens with an entire arsenal of cool weaponry? It's everything any fan of the series would want in a first person shooter. Check out more here.   Forza Horizon (Release 10/23/2012) Forza has been a pillar of simulation racing on the Xbox since the first of the series was released in 2005. It gives gear heads the ability to purchase and upgrade hundreds of real life cars, then race them in a variety of locations in ways most of us will never get a chance at in real life. Details on the spin off Forza Horizon aren't too in depth yet, but it's slated to feature open world gameplay, something the series has never seen before. The idea of having an entire city to cruise around in with a stable of supercars is cool enough, but knowing the creative folks over at Turn Ten makes me curious about all the interesting gameplay possibilities such a setup might present. With a release date promised for October, we'll be learning more about this one soon for sure. Check out more here.   Halo 4 (Release 11/6/2012) Perhaps one of the biggest announcements at E3 2012 was Halo 4. This enormously popular series practically speaks for itself, and the acknowledgement of a new trilogy of games within the franchise is major news. Halo 4 promises fans more of the same great first person action that they expect, though things are sure to feel at least somewhat different as the torch is passed from the developers of the old series (Bungie) to the franchise's new caretaker 343 Industries. Protagonist Master Chief returns to continue his story in what is likely one of 2012's late hits. Check out more here.   Wii U (Release late 2012) Nintendo has been struggling to keep up hardware wise in recent years, in part due to their early foray into the current generation of console hardware. With that in mind, it only makes sense that they're eager to move on to their next console, the Wii U. Reception has been mixed on the limited information that's already available about the console, with many gamers already concerned about some of the console's technical limitations. This year's E3 saw the announcement of some new hardware for the system, including what Nintendo is calling the Pro Controller. This dual analog stick controller points towards Nintendo planning to develop more traditional games for the new console alongside what's sure to be more groundbreaking titles which take advantage of the touchscreen controller already shown off in previous conferences. It's still too early to tell whether Nintendo is in over their head with their new system, but it'll be interesting to see where one of gaming's founding companies goes with their latest technology. Check out more here.