2:09 PM May 6, 2013
As a part of our Style Re-Mix series Funcoast.com is featuring local artists in photo galleries and wearing vintage styles, as well as interviewing them about what style means to them and their music. This month we talked with local artist Taylor Ruth Fletcher.
4:15 PM Mar 15, 2013
I spent my birthday evening, cozy safe from the snow, in the top-floor studio of the Sandusky Register building with The Womack Family Band. I brought the vintage, they brought yummy donuts and coffee, and we played dress-up and chatted about fashion & music.
11:00 AM Dec 11, 2012
Here are five tips from Gina Undaground on layering this winter.
2:35 PM Dec 10, 2012
Style guru Gina Undaground gives ten fashionable winter trends for women as well as ten fashionable winter trends for men. Plus, a quick winter fashion tip for keeping your suede and leather shoes looking new.
9:20 AM Nov 14, 2012
In this installment of our Style Re-Mix series the low-down with Gina Undaground, Gina gives us 12 great layering and accessorizing trends.
4:05 PM Nov 13, 2012
As a known lover and collector of (vintage) fashion, I frequently have folks from past generations telling me that new style isn’t new. Ladies tell me that they used to wear all these so-called new styles “back in the day”; this sentence is usually followed by, “Why on earth would people want to dig up and wear what I wore in high school?” I always reply the same way: fashion runs on an organic cycle.
1:16 PM Oct 17, 2012
For this month’s edition of Style Remix we took photos in Milan of what to wear to stay fashionable in the fall months and when returning to school. You want to look your best for that crush you haven’t seen all summer.
4:33 PM Sep 17, 2012
Our Funcoast fashion guru, Gina Undaground, gives some tips on what to wear this fall, and why not to put away some of your summer staples just yet.
11:31 AM Aug 3, 2012
I wanted this edition of "The LowDown' to reflect what's hot in wearable streetwear this month. Festival season is still in full swing and everyone is cherishing what's left of summertime, so we're all dressing for those fun outdoor events.
2:37 PM Aug 6, 2012
When I found out that the Grace Episcopal Church Thrift Shop was moving from their old location on Market St., I couldn't help but feel a little down about it.
12:05 PM Jul 3, 2012
You can be stylish without dropping a load of cash. Local vintage guru Gina Unda Ground tells you how.